Avid Hiker and Photographer from East Tennessee. I enjoy hiking and camping in the smoky mountains and blue ridge mountains.

Great views!

Getting to Chimney Rock can be an all day affair during the busy season but it is quite worth it and the view can be absolutely amazing. The best time to go there is early in the morning so you can beat the crowds. Don't forget to check out Hickory Nut falls which is a great hike to a huge waterfall.

Beautiful hike and views!

This hike is extremely beautiful and great views to see especially during the winter and spring when you can see the fresh snow glistening on the tree tops.

Great Hike!

Really cool hike to do in the winter when it is all frozen.

Great views!

From this point you can see the beautiful views of the lower falls and you can see the great views of the valley below.

Great place to hang out in peace.

The description of this place is spot on its an amazing place to get away from the crowds of Jackson and the crowds of jenny lake it has an incredible view of the river and of the Tetons.

Awesome campground!

This campground is very close to the Tetons and only about 30 minutes away from Jackson Hole. The campground itself is amazing and is very close to the river where moose like to hang out. While there in June I saw about 12 moose not a mile from the campground.

Best desert hike!

I did this hike in the very early morning in June so it was quite sweltering but the view made up for all of it. From the top you can see everything around you and you can see the main canyons.

Best hike with great views and beautiful lakes!

This hike starts out from an amazing campground and has some of the coolest lakes around. In addition to the lakes the waterfalls nearby are amazing and even better in the spring when the snow is melting.

Breathtaking place to camp!

By far one of the best places I have ever camped. I camped here during the summer so the water was absolutely beautiful an refreshing to swim in plus the campground host is very nice.

Awesome hike with great views!

The hike is a bit difficult for kids and inexperienced hikers but still a great hike and worth it for the view at the top. It is especially great in the fall with the leaves changing.

Amazing camping

Max patch is for sure my favorite place to go and camp because no matter what time of year it is you can always enjoy the absolutely beautiful view from the top.

Beautiful views!

This tower is one of my favorites out of all the others in North Carolina. The views it provides on a clear day is absolutely amazing!

Awesome Hike

This hike is a really cool one because even though its kinda tough the top is always worth it especially in the spring seeing all of the flowers at the top!

Awesome Hike!

Great details about the trail and the hike is definitely one of my favorites ever!


Great to do in the morning right before sunrise to see the best wildlife!

Wonderful View

Waterrock knob is a hike I do every time I make my way through on the parkway and it is an awesome place if you are looking for a shorter hike.

Awesome Drive

There are some great hikes and overlooks on the road making it an awesome trip year round.

Amazing Hike

Great hike in the summer with some beautiful water to take a swim in.