Jake & Holly OpenRoadRevival

Man--Woman--Doberman Canvassing the open road in search of more. Trading materials for memories. Reading, writing, and finishing my novel! =) sometime in 2018

Hunger Games on the Trail to Olympic NP's Upper Royal Basin

Olympic, Washington

Was it my best hike of the year? Absolutely. Was I worried the end was nigh? Certainly. I flew to Seattle for Labor Day weekend to continue my national parks quest.

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Explore Sugarloaf Mountain in Sand Hills State Forest

Patrick, South Carolina

By all appearances, Sand Hills State Forest is well-maintained and seldom-used. This particular adventure refers to the Sugarloaf Mountain Recreation Area, but there's more of the forest to explore.

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Left Fork North Creek-Hiking Zion's storied Subway

Zion, Utah

 We’re screaming down highway 15, the speed limit in Utah seemingly the only thing not overtly conservative.

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Pulling Off the Iconic 'National Park' Wedding

Another Titleist caromed off a tree, bouncing around amidst early-August pines and settling into its new home nestled upon the forest floor.

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The New Moab: Exploring Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico


Every off-season I find myself wanting to head to the majestic land of Moab. What’s not to love? Hiking through red rocks and all the other great neature (yes, neature).

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Reading and Adventure: The Correlation. A Recollection.

Holden Caulfield is pressing through the Museum of Natural History as I’m fixated on the Yellowstone River, its tumultuous form raging over boulders just below the surface, just before the lower fall.

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Why Hiking Ruined My Dating Life

Relationship status: In a relationship with the trails. That's what my Facebook should say.

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The Long, Narrative Driven Approach to 'Taking Life Seriously'

She had me sit down. Sunlight shot in angular, matching lines stretched across the carpet.

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Why the New American Dream Is Nomadic

The American dream is dead.

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Hike to Cornet Creek Falls

Telluride, Colorado

Only 5 minutes from the center of Telluride, Cornet Creek Falls is the perfect hike for those seeking a serene mountain escape without having to go far away from the center of all the action.

126 Saves

Explore Faux Falls

Moab, Utah

Faux Falls is located near the Ken's Lake campground off Route 191, 20 minutes south of Moab. When I was there it was during several days of thunderstorms. The waterfall was really gushing.

139 Saves

Hike to Tower Arch

Moab, Utah

Tower Arch is located in the remote Klondike Bluffs area in Arches National Park.

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Hike to Corona Arch

Moab, Utah

This is an easy 1.5 mile hike to an amazing arch in Moab that ISN'T in Arches National Park.

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Camp at Stillwater Pass

Grand Lake, Colorado

Some of my best nights in Colorado were spent in Stillwater Pass. There are numerous campsites with remade fire pits.

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Backpack to Mirror and Crater Lakes

Granby, Colorado

Start at the Monarch Lake trailhead (where there is a $5 parking fee unless you have one of the national lands passes) and follow the cascade creek trail around the north side of the lake.

918 Saves

Hike to the 1st Flatiron

Boulder, Colorado

Starting at the ever-popular and ever-populated Chautauqua Trailhead, take the main trail (a highway version of a dirt trail) straight towards the Flatirons.

573 Saves

Visit Treasure Falls

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Treasure Falls is reached via short .4 mile walk from the parking lot on highway 160 about 15 miles outside Pagosa Springs (which is home to the worlds deepest hot springs).

208 Saves

Photograph North Clear Creek Falls

Creede, Colorado

This 100 ft. waterfall is close to Colorado 149 on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway. To access the falls turn onto FR 510 from the northern entrance and head south for .5 miles.

190 Saves

Soak in the Hot Springs Off the Million Dollar Highway

Ophir, Colorado

You will start by driving Red Mountain Pass, an experience all on its own. It is closer to get to from Silverton, but not by any means too far of a drive from Ouray.

223 Saves

Backpack to the "Waterfall Camp" in Desolation Wilderness

Echo Lake, California

Although this hike can be done as a day hike, it is an awesome place to camp. There is a lot to explore and you will want to spend as much there time as you can.

880 Saves

Hike to Rainbow Hot Springs

Creede, Colorado

The hot springs are located about 5 miles into a beautiful hike past waterfalls, cliffs, and wildflowers. Once you come across a large waterfall on your right, you are close to the springs.

335 Saves

Backpack to Crater Lake in San Juan National Forest

Durango, Colorado

Reaching this trailhead actually begins off of Andrews Lake - you will see signs for Andrews Lake off HWY 550. I will provide directions from both Durango and Silverton at the end.

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Is a Life of Wanderlust for You?

To Wander or Stay? That is the Question Wanderlust is a tricky term some people struggle with.

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Make a Detour to These Two Spots on the Way to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

A lot of people from Utah would like to spend weekend in Las Vegas, it is really not my type of place for my day off, but if you got a chance to tag along, make it different.

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