Hike from Bray to Greystones

3.7 miles 328.1 ft gain  - Point-to-Point Trail

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Take a long, leisurely walk from one beautiful harbor town to the next by a trail along the gorgeous cliffs that hug the Irish seas.

From Dublin, you can get to Bray via Dart train. Once you arrive in Bray, walk towards the sea along the Bray promenade. Continue along the promenade going south. You'll walk along the beach for a few minutes before reaching the blazed trail. Essentially, you'll follow this trail until you reach the town of Greystones. Along the trail, there are side routes that take you down to secluded beaches. They're great spots for picnics and romantic getaways. There were several rainbows when I walked this trail. I even witnessed my first double rainbow here!

In Greystones, there are some sweet spots you can check out. Several restaurants and stores line the streets of this town. My favorite is The Happy Pear. It's a quaint vegan/vegetarian restaurant with a fresh market connected to it. The shops and restaurants tend to close around 6-7 PM.

To get back to Bray or Dublin, hop back on the Dart! 

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over 3 years ago

Beautiful Spot

This was one of my first outdoor encounters in Ireland and by golly it was riveting! My friend from Dublin started the tour along the beach in Bray. Sadly, the day we went there was a forest fire that was slowly going out — the cliff walk was still accessible but the smoke was insane. We did go check out The Happy Pear which is the cutest — but instead settled with the classic fish and chips dinner with some beer. I'd recommend this cliff walk a thousand times over. If you want to escape the touristy atmosphere of Dublin, this is a must.

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