Walk Behind A Hidden Waterfall at Kvernufoss

0.4 miles  - Out-and-Back Trail

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While hundreds of tourists flock to see Skogafoss, you could have this stunning waterfall all to yourself, and it's just around the corner.

Begin by driving to the Skogar Museum, just off the Ring Road (1). You will take the same turn to get here as you would to get to Skogafoss, so it makes sense to plan to see both at the same time. Just past the Skogar Museum on your left, you'll see a warehouse/hangar building with two large garages. You can park your car here.

From this point, continue east on foot down the road you came, past the warehouse on the left. You'll come to a metal farmer's gate, as seen in the last photo above. From here, make a left and follow the fence. You'll reach some old construction machinery, and it is here that you can climb a short ladder to safely go over the barbed wire fence.

From here, walk east for a few hundred feet along the hillside until you reach a small river. Simply turn left again and follow the river upstream until you see the waterfall. In total, it's about 0.4 miles (0.6 km) to the waterfall from where you park.

The waterfall does have a name, and it is called Kvernufoss. Unlike many Icelandic waterfalls, you can actually walk behind this one. You will want to bring a raincoat, especially on windy days, as Kvernufoss gives off a lot of mist. Many people compare it to a smaller but more beautiful version of Seljandsfoss, another popular tourist waterfall. Waterfall coordinates: 63掳31'41.4"N 19掳28'51.4"W.

Please take care to respect Kvernufoss and the surrounding area, as well as to keep it hidden from the hordes of tourists that pass through this area. You can camp nearby at Skogafoss and even get WiFi at the local tourist stores. If you're looking for a tasty treat, try getting some local, fresh caught fish n' chips from a food truck in the area.

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Worth It

This is a beautiful waterfall, indeed secret, and a scenic walk too. Thanks!

Just as cool as you'd imagine

This was hands down the coolest waterfall we visited on our trip to Iceland. We were there completely alone just after sunrise, and although it was too icy (I was there in winter) to safely navigate my way behind the falls, I'll be back in the summer months to do so.

This place is everything

I'm so happy I stumbled upon this. The directions to get to the waterfall were detailed and spot on. When I went no one was there and I had the place to myself. It was breathtaking and the hike itself was pretty short and sweet. Felt like I was in a movie.

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