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Goðafoss is a waterfall that seems to fly under the radar for absolutely no reason. It's a small, but very wide waterfall that's very photogenic.

The parking lot for Goðafoss is clearly signed and you'll be able to see the falls from the parking lot. Just take a quick jaunt up to the falls and find your perfect angle!

Since it was on the backend of winter when I visited, there was ice frozen into spirals on the rock which was really awesome to see. If you're lucky, you might see some reindeer while you're in the area as well!

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🥇Top Contributor

2 months ago

Absolutely amazing

The "-foss" in icelandic refers to waterfall. As we approached the waterfall, we chose to translate its name God-a-foss as the waterfall of the Gods. We just felt like this was appropriate from the majestic scenery that we witnessed. Our translation (to be expected) was not really accurate. One of the translations / etymologies of Godafoss is the waterfall of the goð - that is some pagan idols, and another the waterfall of goði - which is the title of a political-societal lord in Iceland. Other interpretations state that the name of the waterfall is related to the morphology of the landscape that is connected to certain pagan gods. Others (that maybe are less accurate, lack historic truth or are simply constructs of modern times) link the name of the waterfall with the establishment of Christianity in Iceland. According to the latter, in this waterfall people threw the statues of the old scandinavian gods and declared Christianity as the official religion.

🥇Top Contributor

4 months ago

Beautiful with stunning backdrop

These falls are incredible to see, and unlike a lot of American parks, you can get as close as you want. Just be careful! The flat backdrop to these falls makes for an incredibly scenic stop along the ring road.

🥈 Contributor

6 months ago

Goðafoss waterfall

One of the most beautiful and easily accessible waterfalls of Northern Iceland! Very interesting geology! Impressive scenery!

about 3 years ago

Best Waterfall So Far

This is the best waterfall we have visited so far while in Iceland. The many different vantage points and lack of crowds are perfect for photographers. Plus we saw some reindeer on the way!

🥈 Contributor

over 3 years ago

Very Cool Waterfall

This was one of the highlights of our time in northern Iceland. We spent a good amount of time here and I definitely recommend checking out both sides of the waterfall for different vantage points.

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