Explore Gullfoss

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Experience Iceland's largest waterfalls and a highlight on the golden circle adventure.

The infamous Gullfoss Falls are about 45 minutes from Strokkur, and they have a peaceful calm about them.

With the temperature never really going much above freezing during the winter you get these beautiful ice sculptures with water flowing through them.

Most definitely a worthwhile spot on any Icelandic adventure.

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🥇Top Contributor

15 days ago


When we visited Gulfoss we were finishing our trip to Iceland and had already seen so many waterfalls that we thought that it might be just another one. On the contrary, we were overly impressed by sheer magnitude of the landscape and the force of the water. As such, I would highly recommend that you visit it! Another tip: while many of the waterfalls in Iceland could get overcrowded making difficult to enjoy them (or have a clear view to make some photographs if you are into it), Gulfoss covered such a large area that despite the number of visitors I didnt feel it as crowded.


🥇Top Contributor

about 1 month ago

Experience the sheer power and force of Gulfoss

Gulfoss might not be the prettiest, but the roaring from the sheer force of the water crashing down the falls and dropping off into the final canyon at the bottom is breathtaking. We visited in November when things started to freeze and the gound was getting quite slippy. One tip I have for visiting in winter - take microspikes so you can easily walk around the waterfalls.

🥇Top Contributor

3 months ago

As mighty as you'd expect

Pencil in a stop at Gullfoss. Its well worth your time. The falls are really powerful. They're a sight to see during the winter months!

🥈 Contributor

6 months ago

Gullfoss Waterfall- Golden Falls

One of the most impressive and famous waterfalls in Iceland located on a glacier river Hvítá (white river) . Part of the famous “Golden Circle “


almost 2 years ago

Gulfoss in Winter

I visited Gulfoss in early November with my wife and kids. It was only a short walk to the falls, which even our kids with mobility limitations were able to do. Both the upper and lower viewing areas offer stunning views of Gulfoss. Truly incredible piece of Creation.

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