Explore Grábrók Volcano

0.8 Miles Round Trip - 400 ft gain - Loop Trail

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Walk around a ~3400 year old volcanic crater just off the Ring Road.

From the parking area just off the Ring Road (Highway 1) near the town of Bifröst, the trail starts to the left. 

It is a very short, steep hike up to the top of the crater, but there are stairs and boardwalks to aid the ascent.  At the top, there are wonderful views of the surrounding area and you can walk around the entire rim. 

Exploring the crater takes about 15-20 minutes, so you could also explore the nearby Glanni Waterfall for some more exercise.  


Easy Parking


0.8 Miles
400 ft elevation gain
Loop Trail

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Amazing view, otherworldly scenery

This was a really neat spot, right off the road and easily accessible. The hike up to the crater rim is an easy one with newly built stairs that make it a breeze. At the top of the crater, you're rewarded with some striking views of the vast landscape around you. There's a mountain in the distance that seems to jut up out of the earth out of seemingly nowhere. Seeing the adjoining, smaller crater from a short distance was also a really cool sight to behold.

Crater in a crater covered in moss

Another really cool crater. This one has zig zag steps leading up to it. There’s a moss covering all the old lava rock. You’re looking across at another crater and looking down into a crater that has another small crater in it. Very cool.