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See one of the most popular and most powerful waterfalls in Iceland just a few minutes off the Ring Road.

When you're driving on the Ring Road, look for signs to the town of Skógar. If you are coming from Reykjavik, you'll make a left onto a road called Skógar, and then another left onto a road called Skógafoss (they make it pretty easy). Just follow this road until it ends in a parking area. You'll see the waterfall clearly from here. There are bathrooms off of the parking area as well.

Walk up to the waterfall along the rocks. If the sun is out, you should see an amazing rainbow (or double rainbow) across the falls. This is a really powerful waterfall, so as you get closer, you will feel the mist start to spray you. If you have a camera, bring a ziploc bag (the poor man's waterproof case) to put over it to take pictures.

After you've looked at the waterfall from down below, walk around to the right side of the waterfall where you'll find a set of stairs leading up to the top. If it's raining, icy, or snowy, be careful as these stairs can get pretty slippery.

About halfway up the stairs, you'll see a gap to the left-hand side. You can get off the stairs here and there's a short path that curves around to the right (2nd picture attached to this adventure shows the path) and gives you an awesome view facing the waterfall (3rd picture). Be very careful here as it's a narrow area with steep drops on both sides and nothing to keep you from falling. Plus when there are a lot of people here jostling around to get the perfect picture, you could all too easily get bumped into and fall.

Head back to the stairs and continue to the top. At the top, there's a proper viewing platform where you can get an amazing view of the surrounding area. You will also see a fence with a little stepladder propped over it. You can climb over this stepladder (the fence is for animals, I think) and continue walking up the Skoga river (7th & 8th pictures show area over the fence), where you'll find many more smaller waterfalls along the way. It can get muddy up here so I'd recommend waterproof boots.

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