Hiking into the misty mountains of Hornstrandir

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Hornstrandir is the northernmost point in Europe, just on the edge of the Arctic Circle. It can only be reached by boat in the summer.

Hornstrandir is a place that so few humans visit that that few local inhabitants, several arctic foxes aren't afraid of humans, and run along the trail up to the mountain's point with you like loyal and curious dogs. As you travel along the cliffs you feel so isolated. Tons of seabirds fly up into the clouded peeks that seem to have no end. I was waiting for a pterodactyl to fly over our small boat the whole time. When we reached the rocky shore, we were greeted by the only inhabitants of the island. A mother and her three children. The captain chatted with her and dropped off their weekly supplies. The children, obviously happy to see some other humans were jumping from rock to rock and blowing bubbles. We started our accent up the narrow path that was lined with wet, hearty plant growth. Our guide, who had done this trip hundreds of times actually got lost when we were deep into the thick fog. The sound of water birds grew louder and louder until we hit the highest point when their infinite squeaks morphed into an organic jet engine. It was a beautiful moment. We slowly climbed down the other side of the mountain and rested on thick tufts of moss. We filled our water bottles in the streams and gazed out on the vast expanses of sea and mountains. At the base below we saw tiny little dots of color. There were several small two-person tents littering the level ground below. What a campsite! There was such peace in this little clutch of mountains peeking out from the sea. I hope to visit again some day. 




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