Holly MandarichExplorer

I am a storyteller by nature, with photos and words, I help outdoor brands and tourism bureaus transform their content to visually tell their story - so they can connect with, and inspire their audiences to travel + play outside! Let’s create something together!

Camp in Sonora Desert National Monument


Hike Red Buffalo Pass, Frisco to East Vail

13.2 mi / 3400 ft gain

Winter Hike Empire Bluff Trail

1.5 mi / 170 ft gain

Fat Tire Biking on the Vasa Pathway

10 mi

Dispersed Camping in Coconino National Forest (Edge of the World)


Hike to Tuhare Lakes

12 mi / 3000 ft gain

Sledding in Red River

Hike Mounts Democrat, Lincoln, Cameron and Bross

8 mi / 3500 ft gain

Hike to Blue Lake, Crested Butte, CO

15 mi / 2115 ft gain

Hike the Red River Nature Trail

2 mi

Ski Red River Ski Area

Winter Hike Pyramid Point Trail

2.8 mi / 570 ft gain

Explore the Temple of the Sun & Moon and Glass Mountain

Ski Notch Mountain

10 mi / 3000 ft gain

Hike Lower Cathedral Valley Overlook

2 mi / 150 ft gain

Whiskey Blending at Mammoth Distillery

Ski Schuss Mountain at Shanty Creek Resorts

Hike Old Mission Peninsula Park

6 mi / 183 ft gain

Drive the Scenic Drive in Capitol Reef National Park


Cross Country Ski or Snowshoe the Enchanted Forest Snowplay Area

Explore Bishop Castle

0.25 mi / 26 ft gain

Explore No Name Point

Explore Mallette Park & Canyon

SUP in Remote Cove near Punta Cabras, Baja