Hannah Stewart

New Update

Update on these hot springs. The previous owners have sold this property and the new owners are very careless. They have removed the fences allowing cars and cows to come right up next them. These hot pots are very dirty and ugly now due to tire tracks, cow pies, and tons of trash left by inconsiderate visitors. Really sad to see the way some people desolate nature. However, there are some awesome camping and four wheeling spots to the East of this location!

Absolutely Beautiful

Did this hike in the beginning of spring and it was beautiful! I never expected something so fun to be in this location! I wore Tevas so my feet could dry out while I wasn't in the water. Since it was spring the water was freezing so make sure to bring a pair of dry socks and shoes to change into once you're on your way back and pass the water. There's a lot of switch backs through the river and it doesn't matter which trail you follow cause they all meet up just try to stay close to the river and you'll be good. I don't mind paying for parking if it benefits the wildlife but I'm pretty sure the parking payment was run by the townspeople. So I would suggest parking lower in the town which isn't much further of a walk. If you don't care where your money goes it's 10$ and make sure to bring cash. I highly suggest this hike but be smart and check the weather if you plan to go into the slot canyon.

Where Are The Ponds?

I couldn't find the trail to get to the ponds. I just ended up hiking hidden pinion trail which was just a small loop between longer trails. It was still fun and very pretty!

Tough But Absolute Favorite

Did this hike in the summer and it was definitely tough. I am very athletic and I was for sure out of breath a couple times. If your planning on doing this in the winter prepare your self it's a hell of a lot harder than you'd think.