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    Added by Michael Matti

    Cruise around on ATVs. Amazing Ocean Views. Fun Towns. Beautiful Beaches. Cliff Jumping.

    Santorini is a fun little Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea. While the island does have a small airport, the most common way to get there is via a ferry from Athens.There are several ferry operators that differ in speed and price. I took a Blue Star Ferry and got to the island of Santorini in about 8 hours.

    Once on the island you can take a bus from the port to Fira. Here you can either rent an ATV of some kind or take another bus to your town of choice. Perhaps the most popular town on the island is Oia which is famous for its beautiful sunsets.

    You will find things are cheaper if you stay in an inland town like Karterados though.

    The island is quite small and the main roads well maintained so an ATV is the best way to see the island. You can also go on some of the "less maintained" roads on the island with an ATV.

    The island of Santorini has lots of great beaches to visit. Popular beaches include: Red Beach, Kamari, Perissa, Monolithos, Vlyhada, Katharos, and White Beach.

    There are several great cliff jumping spots on the island including: at the beaches of Kamari and Perissa as well as on the small island off the coast near Oia.

    The highest point on the island is Moni Profiti Ilia, a Monastery that overlooks the entire island. I highly recommend riding up to this high point and looking out over the island and surrounding ocean.

    The towns on the island have plenty of restaurants and shopping to experience if you get tired of cruising around and visiting beaches.

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    🥇Top Contributor

    3 months ago

    Santorini is amazing but overcrowded

    Santorini is a victim of its own beauty, which is undisputable. However, for me, it does get overcrowded to the point of frustration. As such, I would strongly advise anyone willing to visit the island to avoid the highest touristic season and choose to go either early in spring or late September/early October. Prices will be much more sensible at that period as well. The OP suggested renting an ATV, which is a nice choice. I opted for a scooter and found it a lit bit more convenient, especially as it made parking far more easy. Renting a room with a view can be prohibitive for a lot of us (though amazing). Instead of staying though at a village in the inland, you can pay significantly less if you stay in Fira or one of the other places around the caldera, however at their inland facing parts. You wont have the vistas, but you will be in walking distance from the caldera and the famous alleys, so you get all those benefits. I would also suggest a visit to the active volcano and the famous wineries. Also at the archeological sites and museum.

    🥇Top Contributor

    4 months ago

    Greatest Island I've ever Visited

    ... I'll caveat by saying I haven't been to many islands, but Santorini still holds a special place in my memory. It's beautiful, peaceful, friendly, and a relatively affordable. Can't recommend this place enough. Consider staying in Parissa Beach!

    🥇Top Contributor

    5 months ago

    Perfect in Every Way

    I was lucky enough to do a cruise to these wonderful Greek islands, and I'm telling you this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Can't recommend this island enough!!

    🥇Top Contributor

    5 months ago

    Stunning views

    This was probably my favorite place in Greece. I loved the little streets and of course the white and blue roofed houses. Almost every house seems to have an exquisite pool with a view. Be careful though, a member of our group accidentally wondered off the walkway and onto somebody's roof.


    🥈 Contributor

    over 4 years ago

    One of The Best Travel Experiences You'll Ever Have

    When I was 18, I took a solo day trip to Santorini by myself. I took a ferry from the island of Crete to get there, and if I recall correctly, it costed about 100 Euros round trip. Each way took four hours. I left at 6AM, so I got in at 10AM and explored the island until 5PM, when my ferry departed. Do keep in mind that you will need to take a bus from the port to the town of Fira (anglicized Thera), and then another from Fira to Oia, which is the island's main attraction. It takes about 45 minutes each way for that. However, once you're in Oia, it is absolutely breathtaking. All white buildings, beautiful blue doors and Greek orthodox domes, all built onto the side of an ocean cliff. The entire island of Santorini is actually the rim of an ancient volcano. I recommend spending at least one night on the island to maximize your time. Also, it is an island, and a tourist one at that, so any food/water/supplies you can bring yourself will save you lots of money. Let it be known, though, this place is incredible and I had one of the best days of my life here. If you are going to Greece, you must go to Santorini.

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