We work with brands large and small to partner with our incredible team of outdoor Explorers. Get your products out to a community of passionate individuals that’ll be happy to test out your gear, share it on social media, and get your brand in front of over a million like-minded eyeballs.

Are you a brand interested in working with The Outbound?


We feel that the traditional model of athlete sponsorship has become too limited. We live in a time where Instagram, YouTube, and Vine stars have more influence than elite athletes. Expensive, contract-heavy sponsorship deals with “well known” athletes aren’t always the best ROI for your brand. We believe that brands big and small can make a splash with less formal “microsponsorships” of individuals who are passionate, have audiences that are often larger than the pros, and don’t demand huge contracts (some free swag does the trick).

How does this work?

It depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. Some of our partners want to work with all of our Explorers on a small scale, while others are interested in deeper relationships with some of our more elite Explorers, or content and advertising opportunities. We can figure out what works for you!

Who are Explorers?

Explorers are the elite members of The Outbound’s community. Some are professionals, but most are regular folks: lawyers, ski bums, students, and moms. They’re good people, active on The Outbound and their local outdoor communities, and they inspire us to get outside. More often than not, they’re also incredible photographers and writers, sharing their experiences on Instagram, The Outbound, and on personal blogs. Our Explorer network currently has over 1,000,000+ loyal and outdoor-industry focused Instagram followers. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

How can my brand work with The Outbound?

We’ve partnered with brands all over the globe, from Fortune 500 companies, to brand new local startups. We love working with companies (of any size) that encourage people to get outdoors. Below are just a few of our many partners.