What does it mean to be an Explorer?

Our Explorers are the most active and dedicated members of our community - they add their favorite adventures, leave detailed reviews, share updated trail reports, and include great photography. We’re partnered with the industry’s top brands to provide exclusive discounts to our team of Explorers.

The Explorer Program is NOT the same as writing for the Outbound Journal. If you're interested in writing stories (Tips For Your First Solo Backpacking Trip, 5 Spring Hikes Near Salt Lake City, How To Build A Better Campfire, etc) check out our Storyteller Program.

Being an Explorer is NOT about getting featured on Instagram. We're looking for amazing people who want to help shape this community, not get more followers.

How do I become an Explorer?

Before you can be considered for our Explorer Program, you’ll need to be an active member of The Outbound community and have created a number of high quality adventures that have been featured by our editorial team. For example: Hike to Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, Hike Little Stony Man in Shenandoah National Park, Picnic at Banjo Bill, Star Gaze at Hubbard City Lakes Park

Here's a quick breakdown:

These adventures need to be featured by our editorial team.
You need to be an active member on the site, which means bookmarking adventures, creating lists, rating and reviewing adventures, and inviting your friends to join this growing community.
Quality photography and detailed writing are important to us as we know they are to you, so show us your best.

What are the Perks?

As an Explorer, you’ll receive team swag, VIP access to local Outbound events, and exclusive deals with brands large and small. Depending on the brands, our team has access to new gear, pro deals, and other rad opportunities. We can’t always get gear to everyone, but if you make yourself a stand-out member of the community, we’ll do everything we can to reward ya in any way we can!