Take Two Minutes to Listen to Carl Sagan and Watch Beautiful Footage of Alaska's Endicott Arm

Alaska, United States

Erin Armstrong

Filmed over a month's excursions through the glacier fjords near Juneau, Alaska.

I spent five weeks in Alaska filming around the southeast. We had a lot of luck every time we went to Endicott Arm. There was lovely weather and great wildlife sightings. It's a protected wilderness and there are limits to traffic that help keep this place wild and you can feel it. I'd have liked to spend more time shooting and would want to kayak the fjord next time. The size of the rock cliffs remind you how insignificant you are. The wind off the glacier and the sound of the breaking ice keep me coming back.

Published: September 4, 2017

Erin Armstrong

Cruise ship videographer seeing the world through my camera's lens.

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