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Great View!!

Finally made the trek up Koko Head the other night... the hike itself is not thrilling but the view is definitely worth it! Make the journey on a full moon for an awesome lunar display!!

Great location

This has been a popular early season snowmobile destination for us over the years and for good reason... The trails into Burgdorf are typically very well maintained and you can always trail ride before any of the backcountry has enough snow. The ride in is fun, the sights are amazing and the pools will relieve any tension that may have resulted from the ride or, more likely than not, the work week! ;)

Amazing sunset!

If you are not interested in jumping, do not fear, China Walls is still well worth the visit!! I recommend bringing a snack, a couple beverages, a significant other, and going around sunset... you won't be disappointed!


I have been to this beach a few times... never to sit for an afternoon but rather to snorkel. The so-called electric beach gets the name because of the power plant opposite the road.. The plant pumps warm water out into the ocean a few hundred yards off shore. Swimming out to the pipes, you will find huge schools of tropical fish, and the occasional dolphin pod... I have friends who have swam with rays here, and seen videos of the dolphins (though I have never seen them myself... Nonetheless, venture out and try your luck!) Or... enjoy the beach! The west side is really beautiful... just make sure to be respectful of others and to pick up after yourself!

Those views though... and continue down the road for an even longer day of riding!

I've only been riding up here one time but man was it awesome... we had someone drop us off in the parking lot, explored this trail for awhile (have yet to get back to complete it..) and then we rode down the main road, eventually riding from Bogus Basin road to Hyde park via Corrals... For those with a day to kill I highly recommend the drop off and go explore method!!

Great Suggestions!!

The iconic views that we all see of Stanley include the snow capped and jagged mountain peaks in the background, a wooden zigzagging fence in the foreground, and a meadow between the two (sometimes with a river of stream for good measure). In my wandering around Stanley, I have stumbled upon, and taken pictures at, two of these spots but will be sure to visit the third next trip!!

Intro jungle hike with neat waterfall

This is a fun and popular hike located close to town. We went there on a misty afternoon and were joined by a few others who had the same idea. The scenery is quite neat and the opportunity to get muddy is one that we can all appreciate :). If your looking for a nice hike near town I recommend this one! (as long as you do not expect to go to a nice restaurant immediately after!)

Watch the reef

Great break near town... Consistent (even in the winter) and the views are also well worth the paddle. For those unfamiliar with the break you should be cautious of the shallow reef... there have been many a coral kicks at this break!

The world famous Waimea Bay!!

Waimea is worth the trip regardless of season! In the winter months you can expect ridiculous surf, so swimming is not likely an guarantee but spectating is just as fun! In the summer the bay turns into a lake... almost... it is calm and clear and perfect for snorkeling or hanging out! There is also the big rock to the left to jump off as well as rocks to the left along the beach for people to highball boulder. If you are a climber and confident in your bouldering skills then bring your shoes (or tough feet)!

Gorgeous hike!

Hiked up to Goat lake a few summers ago (in August)... I was definitely thankful to have brought lots of water on this journey as it took a half day at least and the last scramble was water break worthy!! The whole trek is great, packed with beautiful scenery and fun terrain. Passing through the boulders and then arriving at the lake still sticks out in my mind! The lake is magnificent, crystal clear and backed by an ice covered peak... this is by far one of my favorite lake hikes!! I would recommend getting up there early and taking a fishing pole and a camera, both things that I wish I would have had at the time!

Great afternoon hangout!

We paddled out to the sandbar on Kayaks... if this is the method you choose then be prepared to walk your kayak around the sandbar, or bring an anchor of some sort!! Also, don't forget to bring a couple cold ones!

One of the worlds best beaches...

and everyone knows it!! This beach can get really crowded and parking can be very difficult, so keep that in mind... but, if you don't mind being surrounded by people, this beach is highly recommended!! The sand is marvelous and the water is calm and clear. A view of the Mokes adds that little extra and provides a subject for your ocean shots!

Big birds and Monk Seals!

Ka'ena point is an awesome area!! I accessed it from the north shore and was lucky enough to see 3 monk seals chilling on the shore. Being as they are so rare, it is neat to see them in person and be able to take pictures of them! The views are well worth the trek, but the addition of the animals was icing on the cake!

Good easy hike

This is one of the more touristy 'hikes' on Oahu... the fact that it is almost entirely paved may detract from the nature of hiking but the views at the top make it worth it! Also, winter whale watching is now upon us... that said, I recommend making the trip with a telephoto lens or a pair of binoculars!


If you are, or have ever been, a fan of the tv show 'Lost' you may recognize this temple! I highly recommend this stop (regardless of whether you are a tourist or resident)... I ended up spending a couple hours walking around the grounds, through the temple, and relaxing on a bench drinking a cup of coffee. Bring a book, or a friend, and enjoy the serenity of the Byodo Temple!

Awesome Hawai'i Hike

This hike is not grueling, though it can be wet and muddy... a deterrent for many people, though it offers a spectacular experience for those who decide to make the full trek to the falls. Don't be afraid to ask people for assistance if you get turned around; I have seen a few people walking in circles as it can get confusing with all the muddy tracks.

Great Hike

This hike is short, easy, and close to town so it is ideal for visitors looking for a short excursion. Meandering through a cool bamboo grove it offers a tropical island experience and provides a little history of Hawai'i as well! I recommend this hike to everyone!