Hike Nordenskiold Site No. 16 Trail

This two mile round-trip trail leaves from the information kiosk near Long House and Step House, and leads through and area severely burned by the 2000 Pony Fire.

6 Saves

Explore Park Point in Mesa Verde National Park

The Park Point Trail is the highest point in Mesa Verde National Park, and being close to the four corners, you can see for hundreds of miles in every direction on a clear day.

30 Saves

Hike to Long House and Step House at Mesa Verde National Park

This is a great opportunity to see two historic cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park within a relatively short period of time.

13 Saves

Climb Notchtop Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park

Park at Bear Lake, and follow the signs north of the lake to Odessa Lake.

69 Saves

Camp at Poincenot

From El Chalten, the trail starts Avenida San Martín, where El Chaltén town ends. There you can park your vehicle in a designated parking area, or just walk from your hotel.

230 Saves

Hike to Sky Pond

Start at the Glacier Gorge trailhead on Bear Lake Road. Parking is limited so it is advised to get there very early.

826 Saves

Hike to Thunder Mountain at Carson Pass

The trailhead begins on Rt 88 just past Kirkwood Resort or Silver Lake - depending on which way you are headed. There is plenty of parking but no other amenities.

58 Saves

Backpack to Berg Lake

Mount Robson Provincial Park is vast and surrounded by the Canadian Rockies with an area of 2,249 km².

453 Saves

Backpack to Mirror and Crater Lakes

Start at the Monarch Lake trailhead (where there is a $5 parking fee unless you have one of the national lands passes) and follow the cascade creek trail around the north side of the lake.

971 Saves

Ryten Mountain Hike

Important: The GPS location on here just marks the island that this hike is located on! There is no "official" trailhead for this hike, but follow these directions and you will have no problem at all.

150 Saves

Hike to Nub Peak

Starting right at Mt. Assiniboine Lodge, there is very clear signage for this hike.

406 Saves

Photograph Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre from Route 40

From El Calafate, the town of El Chalten is about 2 1/2 - 3 hours away.

213 Saves

Camp at Lake Pehoé

This campsite is great as you can be as adventurous or relaxed as you would like. You can choose to bring your own tent, or they offer rentals, as well as fully set-up domes.

82 Saves

Photograph Perito Moreno Glacier

From the town of El Calafate in Argentina, the glacier is less than two hours away down route 15. There are easy signs the entire way.

60 Saves

Hike to Mirador Los Condores

When you drive in to El Chalten, you will see the visitor's center directly on your left. Park here, and there are signs to the lookout from the parking lot. It's an easy 1.

48 Saves

Hike Mirador Las Torres

This hike is truly awesome, but get ready to climb! You can park at the Hotel Las Torres, then you will see the trailhead right past the hotel, clearly marked. The hike is 11.

144 Saves

Hike to Blackrock Summit, Shenandoah NP

There are two route options, both are under 2 miles and are suitable for hikers of all experience levels.

595 Saves

Hike to Taft Point

Taft Point is such an amazing and different view of the Yosemite Valley. If you're lucky and you time it right, you'll also experience complete solitude.

999 Saves

Camp Out in the Steep Ravine Cabins

Although these cabins are bare bones, lacking both water and electricity, they couldn't put you in a better spot for views of the Pacific Ocean.

735 Saves

Camp at Glacier Point

Everyone that knows Yosemite, knows Glacier Point. An overlook that attracts thousands of people per day that drive up via Glacier Point Road is rarely vacant of the hustle and bustle of people.

685 Saves

Fat Bike In Telluride

There are great fat bike trails leaving directly from the town of Telluride, CO with picture-perfect views of the San Juan Mountains.

21 Saves

Explore Skyline Drive In Winter

Skyline Drive is a winding highway that cuts straight through Shenandoah National Park.

141 Saves

Hang Out At Riverview Park

Riverview park has tons of options for getting outside around Charlottesville, VA. Part of the Rivanna Trail runs through here, so if you are really ambitious, this trail goes around the entire city.

75 Saves

Take A Helicopter Ride Over Kauai

There are lots of options for heli rides in Kauai, ranging from plush interiors with AC and noise canceling headphones, to deeply discounted, crowded rides, but my personal recommendation is to find .

188 Saves