Chiara Bertorelle


Go at sunset: the view is AMAZING. Despite the cold (I went in November, and yes it gets REALLY cold), waiting for the sunset and looking at the amazing Badwater Basin under me will always be an unforgettable memory.

A Must

I went to Antelope Canyon with my family back in November the Sunday before Thanksgiving, as a must see of the roadtrip I organized. It is worth paying the 48$ (YES 48) because you are not gonna find anything like this anywhere else. But don't enxpect the Navajo guide to tell you something about the Native American history (a little disappointing), instead he/she is gonna give you advice on how to take perfect pictures (android/ ios or any other device, they are experts lol). Expect it to be crowded even in the off season months- anyway, I would recommend going.

Nice Spot

I went twice with my dog who loves walking in the woods! Nice spot, I would recommend it for a quick walk with your dog:)