Hike Dinosaur Ridge

The hiking trail starts at the parking lot located across from the Dinosaur Ridge Discovery center (which you should totally go check out!).

179 Saves

Explore Red Rocks Park in Winter

Red Rocks is a bustling park in the summer when its famous amphitheater is filled with concerts. In winter though, the park dies down and becomes even more quiet when snow is falling.

434 Saves

Hike the Meadowlark Plymouth Trail

From the parking lot, you can take the Meadowlark trail to the west or the Plymouth Creek Trail to the southeast. It does not matter which trail you take because it ends up becoming loop.

16 Saves

Hike Mount Falcon

Just a short drive from Denver up US-285 sits Mount Falcon Park, a 2,248 acre open space park managed by Jefferson County.

470 Saves

Capture Sunrise from Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain sits just above Golden and provides one of the best easy-access viewpoints near Denver.

716 Saves

Photograph the Royal Gorge Bridge

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is located in Canon City which is about an hour outside Colorado Springs. Once you get there, it's a $26 entrance fee per person. The park is dog and family friendly.

38 Saves

Hike Panorama Point at Corwina Park

Jefferson County, the "Gateway to the Rockies" has dozens of great parks and trails. One of the best, however, is often overlooked, as it is sandwiched between bigger and more popular parks.

748 Saves

Hike the Trails at Fontanel

The trailhead is located across from the Woods at Fontanel Music Venue, with the trail leading up and over the ridge behind the Fontanel Mansion and back down by the Woods at Fontanel VIP seating are.

92 Saves

Hike the Day Loop at Long Hunter State Park

Park at the Bakers Grove Area and take the newly wood chipped wood chip trail into the forest.

197 Saves

Hike around Radnor Lake

If you want a break from the city, take an early morning hike around Radnor Lake. Start this quiet trek by arriving at sunrise to snag a parking spot at the East Parking Lot.

354 Saves

Hike the Mossy Ridge Trail

trail run. You can add extra milage to this hike by creating a loop with the Cane Connector Trail. The trailhead is located behind the kiosk in the parking area.

255 Saves

Ski the Rocky Mountain High Trail at Snowmass

This is part of the Aspen Snowmass ski area so you'll have to buy a ski pass to take the lift up.

15 Saves

Ski or Snowboard the Burnt Mountain Glades of Snowmass

This is part of the Aspen Snowmass Ski area so you'll have to buy a ski pass to take the lift up, or if you're up for a bigger workout, put some skins on and trek up to the top of Elk Camp.

39 Saves

Hike Butler Gulch

Butler Gulch is a pristinely beautiful day hike in the heart of the Arapaho National Forest near Idaho Springs, Colorado.

236 Saves