Hike Up Brothers Creek Loop

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Great Day hike, 7km loop. Roughly 400m elevation gain. May Trails to Follow. Old Growth Trees ( some over 1300 years). 3 Alpine Lakes to hike to. 2 Waterfalls. Trails are fairly well maintained. Great any time of the year ( but beware this is up a mountain so there is snow in the winter. Old Relics from the days it was logged and was a shingle mill.

The directions to get to this location are a bit scattered as you need to weave through the upper streets of the British Properties.

Driving Instructions If you are coming along Highway #1, take the Taylor Way exit and turn right (coming from the east) or left (coming from the west) onto Taylor Way and drive uphill until you reach a series of roundabouts. Turn left onto Southborough Drive and then make your first left onto Highland Drive. Continue for about 1km until you reach a stop sign at Eyremount Drive. Turn left and shortly after, make a right onto Crestline Road. Turn left at the first street onto Henlow Road and then right on Millstream Road. Keep going to the end of the road and you will an area on the left to park your car.

this is all street parking in front of residences, so please make sure you don't block anyone's driveway

Once parked, walk through the gated off area ( Blue metal fence with discalimer that the property is owned by British Pacific Properties LTD) and follow up the trail. You will immediatly see the old skid trails from when this area was logged.

The first trail you will cross is the Baden Powell Trail on your right, do not take this trail and keep walking towards you left. The next sign you will see be the Brothers Creek fire access road, take this trail to the right. You will notice the old foundation of the saw mill that was used in the early 1900's when this area was logged. And shortly after, a giant misplaces rock in the middle of the forest.

Continue your way uphill for about 20-30 mins and you will notice a small sign that says 5+6. Follow 5 a very short distance down hill and you will notice the first of many GIANT trees. This tree is over 60m tall and 9m in circumferannce. Once you're done taking pics, head back the same way you came and head back up the Fire Access Road.

The next area known as the "Heritage walk", is jam packed with old growth trees everywhere. At the end of this trail, you will end up at the Brother's Creek bridge. At this, point you can either continue over the brige and finish the loop, or take the side trails up to the alpine lakes ( all three pictured). The lakes are a great side trail that will eventually loop back to the bridge and are worth the hike if you are looking to extend the main hike for about 5kms.

Once checking out the lakes or continuing over the bridge, make sure to take a little side detour so you can view the waterfall that is cascading over the edge just to the left of the bridge. Follow the loop until you hit the cross over trail and turn left. Follow this trail and it will eventually put you back on to the Fire Access Trail ( at a picnic table). Turn right and make your way down the way you came up until you end up at the gate.

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