Hike Le Centenaire in Parc National du Mont-Tremblant

6.5 miles 1075 ft gain  - Loop Trail

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The parks 100 year anniversary trail featuring multiple viewpoints, winding rivers, moss walls...need I say more? 

What a beautiful hike through the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant wilderness. The trail was created in 1995 to celebrate parks 100th  anniversary. There are multiple viewpoints, minor rock scrambling, and some very cool moss covered walls. 

The parking area and trailhead are very easy to find off route 1 (only road going in and out of the park). The large sign stating "Le Centeniare" is hard to miss also. Parking is a little tight so get there early. Locate the trailhead and you're on your way. One thing to note is that the blazes you are following the entire time are sometimes yellow and other times orange. Why they didn't pick just one color, I don't know. 

About a half mile in you will come to an intersection, you want to turn left (going straight leads you to a campground). From here on out you just follow the blazes. There are some steep sections in the beginning that lead you to a great overlook of the riviere du diable and the parks wilderness. After these great overlooks, get ready for some steep terrain. Along the steep trek through the woods you will come across some awesome moss walls and exposed root systems from surrounding trees. Perfect excuses to stop and grab some photos. 

Around 3.5 km in (km signs all along the hike) you will come to a fork in the trail. This is where your loop starts. Stay left to continue the climb (suggested) or go right to explore the lower level section first. The "main" viewpoint is a large open rock face that looks out at the surrounding mountains and the below winding river. Take your time and enjoy each viewpoint in this upper section because there is something different to see at each one. Shortly after the main overlook (about .5 km) you will come to another fork in the trail. This is where you stay right and head on to the lower section, looping you back to the first fork in the trail. Enjoy the scenery along the lower section and once back at the first fork head left and follow the trail you came up back to the parking lot.  

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Watch out for big season!

Tried to do this hike at 7am June 21, 2020 and got completely turned around by the blackfly/mosquito tag team. I’ve done lots of hiking and have never been so completely annihilated by bugs! We barely got 500m. If you’re going in big season (Mother’s Day to Father’s Day) bring long sleeves, big spray, and netting or suffer the consequences haha.

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