Hike Eagle Bluffs

5 miles 1148.3 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Max Zedler

Eagle Bluffs is one of the many amazing hikes Cypress Mountain has to offer. Showing views of the city of Vancouver and the Howe Sound.

Start at the Cypress Mountain ski area and walk towards the first chairlift. You will see a giant sign showing the ski trails and you go to the right of that. You will then see a post that lists which direction to go for each hike.

To start  this trail, walk towards the previously mentioned chair lift and look for a trail that leads through the trees to the left of the chairlift, but to the right of the giant sign. The trail passes  Yew Lake so use this as a reference. Most of the signs along the way will point you towards Black Mountain and this is the route you want to take. Black mountain is a quick 5 minute pitstop along the way that has an amazing view of the mountains (Sun beam pic above). The trail climbs up through switchbacks and quickly gains elevation.

As you make your way you will eventually see another sign that marks Cabin Lake. Check out this small lake as it is only a 50m detour and is a great spot to have some snacks and see the Grey Jays. Just before the Cabin Lake detour there is a short trail for Black Mountain which you can take for the previously mentioned viewpoint.

After, head back to the trail and continue as it begins to go downhill through the forest. You will arrive at another fork at which you want to go right towards Eagle Bluffs. Follow this trail all the way to Eagle Bluffs as it will soon descend into a steep and creepy looking forested area. You might think you went the wrong way, but you didn't. Try you best to look for marked trees and follow them towards the Eagle Bluffs lookout, which will be on the right.

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almost 4 years ago

Best Sunsets

My favorite way to hike Eagle Bluffs is to get there just before sunset. Depending on the weather, you can get incredible views over Vancouver, Howe Sound and the islands. Just make sure to pack plenty of layers, a headlamp and a back up light.

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