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Explore a great "mountain" temple. An excellent place to watch the sunset over Angkor. 

This temple is of the "Mountain" style, meaning, it is built upward and is relatively a square layout. It has an outer wall and three tiers. The top tier has 5 towers, one tower at each corner and then one tower in the center.There are several other smaller towers around the complex as well.

Pre Rup is very popular to watch the sunset. Many people go to the top to see the sun set on the horizon. To me the real show is from the ground with the sun behind you and looking at the temple. Because of the brick material, the temple gives off a kind of glow when the sun hits it.It is good to get here early to walk around and explore. Many people will arrive at sunset so try and be at Pre Rup by 4pm.  You will have a better chance of getting photos without someone in the frame.

Pre Rup is one of my favorite locations in Angkor to photograph.  It has more Lion statues than any other temple in Angkor. Nearly every corner of every tower and staircase has a Lion looking out to the open plains below. Some Lions are in very good condition while others are broken apart, specifically, their faces seemed to have been taken off. The Lions can be seen from any point around the complex. I enjoyed how them seem to be standing guard over the temple.

Pre Rup is located south of East Mebon and east of Sra Srang. 

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