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Explore a small, early Khmer temple in the Roluos Group. The Roluos Group is comprised of three temple complex's with Lolei being the smallest and least preserved. 

Lolei Temple (also called Prasat Lolei), is part of the Roluos Group southeast of Siem Reap. It was built if the 9th century and consists of 4 towers. The brick towers have not been restored but some restoration is underway on the main tower. There are some well preserved carvings inlaid into the brick on either side of the doors. This is a small area set on a hill and is interesting to check out because few people venture to this location.

You are likely to see some Buddhist Monks walking about here because Lolei Wat (a modern Buddhist temple) is right next to the Prasat Lolei complex.  Much of this temple is fragile as you may be able to see in the photos.  Be careful when walking around.  To get here, you would have to make a special request to your Tuk Tuk driver since this is not part of any of the Angkor circuits.

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