Allison Marshall

Unique Trail. Not your typical hike!

Did this hike as far as “Wallstreet” with a few spur slot canyons. Loved it! We didn’t rent boots or sticks and we were able to get this far wearing an old pair of Nike Free sneakers with thin socks. But if we were to go any further I would have gotten the rental gear, it becomes necessary. Don’t wear water shoes - they were pointless after a few miles for my partner. We are fit and avid hikers and we were sore for a few days - hiking in the water forces you to use different muscles. Great adventure!

Clean and Quiet

Two nights at Ocracoke. Bought fish in town at Ocracoke Seafood Co. (a local fishermen’s collective) and grilled it on the charcoal beach side! Great sunrises, shell collecting, minimal bugs. Sights along the dunes have shade and private beach walk access :)