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Just outside the city of Valdez, Valdez Lake is all that separates you from the Valdez Glacier. A canoe or kayak will grant you access, but beware of the unpredictable nature of ice caves, should you find any.

The end of the Airport Road just North of Valdez brings you to the side of the lake. Begin your adventure here, or just come check out the view and watch the icebergs float among the lake while you picnic in the parking area.

Should you choose to approach the glacier, paddle Northwest. It took me about 30 minutes solo with a headwind, and only about 15 minutes with two people. Once near the glacier, stay clear of cliffs that may drop rocks or ice on you, or cause waves to flip your boat. There are typically a couple of options to land your boat(s) on low sections of the glacier, more toward the middle of the lake both times I went. If you don't want to hike the glacier, it's still pretty fun to just paddle among the 'bergs drifting around the lake.

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