How to Leave Your Cat Alone While You Travel

Yes, you can leave your cat alone while you travel for days or even weeks. Here's how!

One of the questions I’m asked the most: Who watches your cat while you travel?

Usually? No one!

I adore my cat, but I also travel a lot. If I’m gone for 10 days or less, I leave her all alone. No one checks on her, and she’s completely fine! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I do with my cat while I travel, so here you have it. How to leave your cat alone for 2 weeks while you travel:

Cats need 3 basic things to survive while you’re gone: food, water, and a litter box.


I have a big automatic feeder for my cat. When I leave for a trip, I make sure the feeder is completely full, and if the trip is longer, I also put out a second dish full of food. My automatic feeder is just from the local pet store, and holds about 2 pounds of food. If you’re concerned about your cat running out of food, you can also just leave out a giant tub of food.


I also have an automatic water dish for my cat. When I leave, I also make sure that the water dispenser is clean and completely full. There are a variety of automatic water dispensers and filters for cats, but mine is a simple one from the pet store and holds about a gallon. As a backup safety precaution, I also leave the lids up on all of my toilets when I leave, so if there is an emergency, my cat has more than one water source.

This is my food and water setup for when I travel.

Litter Box

If I’m gone for 1 week or less, I just clean the litter box normally before I leave, and my cat is perfectly fine. If I’m gone for more than 1 week, then I put out 2 clean, full litter boxes before I leave. I fill each one with non-clumping litter, and then just dump both boxes when I get back.

This is my litter box setup for trips longer than 1 week. I fill both up with fresh litter before I leave. Yes, I keep my cat’s litter box in my spare bathroom.


Other things to consider before you leave:

  • Before you leave for a trip, always make sure you know where your cat is!! This seems like a silly thing, but always, ALWAYS make sure your cat is not outside or locked in a room or cabinet before you leave.
  • Double check and make sure that the food, water, and litter boxes are accessible.
  • If I’m going to be gone for longer than 2 weeks, I have someone check in on my cat once a week or so.


That’s it! My cat is super independent and I’ve never had any issues leaving her while I travel.

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