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Simple Yet Amazing

The hike itself is very straight forward and looms above the city which makes it the perfect trek to start on! No matter the season (I was here in winter) this view will never get old! The path can be a little icy in patches in the winter though and some crampons would be a great idea once you get up past the snow line, also a good outer shell jacket as the winds mixed with that cold air are less than ideal up there!

Great Info!

I lived in the PNW for awhile good to know there's another Outbounder down here in Australia right now! I'm currently living up by Sydney and found this article very useful I'm going to go try this one soon. What was your personal favorite track route, as you mentioned there are many to choose from! For photography would you recommend sunrise or sunset from this spot? Let me know if you're in the NSW area at all in the coming months! 😀

One last question

Heading down to do this sometime this week for a sunrise? Do you think would be okay to jump the fence around this time? Figured I'd get your honest opinion before just going for it! Otherwise loved the write up it gave me all the info I could ever need, especially the part about not trusting Google Maps. 😏

Bozeman's Backyard

Makes me nostalgic for Bozeman man nice write up! The views are truly amazing all along that Bridger Peak Ridge, even good for some summer skiing right next to the peak off "the great one" as a lot of people referred to it as!


I think this was my favorite part of my trek from Lukla to the EBC, so serene and dramatically beautiful up there! Your details really hit the nail on the head and inspired some nostalgia from me, nice work!