Jessica Dufour

One of the top hikes I have done so far!

Good length, the fresh air smells amazing, tons of wildlife, running river and beautiful redwoods everywhere!

Great hike, don't go after lots of rain!

Best hike ever!! Went after some pretty heavy rainfall, which wasn't the smartest on my part. The 4 of the bridges were washed out, but I still managed to find a way either through the water or over a fallen tree or up and over the hill. It was an adventure. I would totally do it again!! Loved this hike, possibly my favorite so far <3

Amazing Especially In The Rain!

Just did this hike and the look is less than 8.8 miles. My friend and I both tracked it on our fit bit and the loop came in around 6.5 miles. The smells of the forest were so amazing especially in the rain. I highly recommend this hike!